Blue and Peach Floral Dress – A Lesson in Topstitching


I have a new dress to show you! I made it as part of my Summer Sewing Goal to sew more everyday dresses for my wardrobe. It’s just a simple fit-and-flare, circle skirt dress, but I took my time with the details and really focused on adding subtle top-stitching.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

I used Butterick 5748, a retro reproduction of a 1960s pattern. I had done some fitting and adjustments on the bodice pieces earlier, but never actually sewn the thing. As it turned out, those adjustments weren’t enough and I ended up having to do some fitting as I sewed the dress up anyway. Note to self: do the adjustments when you’re actually going to sew the pattern.

I used the Navy/White/Orange Floral Cotton Sateen Print from Mood Fabrics. It’s such a wonderful fabric … flowy, soft, light. It’s just the perfect fabric for a light summer dress, which is why I chose to face the neck and armholes instead of line the bodice.

Other than making my own facings and using my own circle skirt pattern instead of the pattern’s, there really was’t anything especially unique about this dress. It was a nice simple make that took a couple of hours and didn’t cause me any great difficulties.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

To add a little pizzazz and make it feel a little more unique and me-made, I added a lot of top-stitching. I feel like it’s either all or nothing for me with top-stitching: either every seam is top-stitched or none of them are.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

I chose all seams on this project. (Obviously)

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

I also really like how top-stitching reinforces pesky seams like a faced neck hole edge and prevents warping. That was my only real worry with facing instead of lining the bodice. It also helps with keeping the facings nicely tucked away (though under-stitching would probably work too).

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

Most of all, it’s just a super comfy dress. It’s light and flowy and perfect for hot California summers πŸ™‚

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

Do you find you do the same thing when sewing? Are you a top-stitcher or do you prefer the clean-and-stitchless look? Do you like my newest addition to my wardrobe?

Thanks for reading

Samantha πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Blue and Peach Floral Dress – A Lesson in Topstitching

  1. Hello,

    You look lovely.

    I like how floral prints are trending, your dress is the perfect combo of fantastic print and lady-like silhouette. I’ve got a similar dress on my sewing projects list πŸ™‚

    Well done!


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