Starry Night Dress Pictures


I made my Starry Night Dress like three months ago and, even though I’ve actually worn it a few times, I hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures until a few days ago. But, I finally took pictures!

Just as a refresher, since I made this dress so very long ago, I used Butterick 6090, but heavily modified the bodice front.

the pattern I began with


You can read how I made it this blog post and then this one.

I’ve decided that I love this dress. I usually come around to that conclusion with things I sew, but I had lost faith in this project through the numerous technical problems. I cut some corners with the construction, which I never like, but actually wearing the dress and seeing these pictures is bringing back my confidence.

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I set out to make a dress with a vaguely-Mod Cloth/Think Geek feeling, and I think I succeeded. To be fair, the galaxy print and the Peter Pan collar did most of the work.

Okay, enough babbling. Pictures!

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

love the back of this dress. I feel like dresses with interesting backs are like the fashion equivalent of chocolates with surprisingly yummy centers: you don’t see it at first, but they’re actually super interesting and great. (Okay, maybe that simile needs some help, but you get my drift.)

One thing that really surprised me when I put the dress on was how not translucent the back of the dress turned out to be. The fabric is sheer, but somehow it doesn’t really show. I’m honestly kinda glad about that because it means I can wear it to school without fear of getting dress-coded by the one teacher who is still stuck in the twentieth century and cares about that.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

I think this the first dress I’ve sewn recently that I am more likely to actually wear to school than to a speech and debate competition. This one is not tournament appropriate at all, but is in my comfort zone enough to be seen in at school. And it’s really comfy.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

I had forgotten this dress had pockets until like halfway through taking the pictures. I love dresses with pockets, but I feel like I always forget to put them in. I guess I remembered this time 🙂

bodice closeup - Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I am definitely happy with how the Peter Pan collar came out, especially because it was my first one and I drafted it myself and I had a horrible time doing it. I had modified the pattern so much at the time of drafting the collar that the original pieces were basically useless and I was flying by the seat of my pants, just trying and recutting and trying again. But, it worked!

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

… And then my cat wanted to be part of the photo shoot and everything went downhill (lol). Say hello to Muzgle everyone, my sewing “helper” and the best cat alive. Isn’t she adorable?

Do you love this dress as much as I do? What do you think about the back panel?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the huge gap between the making of posts and the pictures

— Samantha ❤

9 thoughts on “Starry Night Dress Pictures

  1. This turned out beautifully! I like it a lot more than the original pattern. I love how the front has a peek of the galaxy print and how the galaxy print kinda blends into the color of the skirt.


  2. I love the revisions you made to that dress. Your version is far cuter than the pattern envelope! Even though the fabric isn’t shear, it does provide good contrast to the bodice and it looks great from the back. And Muzgle is quite nice too!


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