Thoughts on Costuming at Comic-Con

Hi guys!

So Comic Con was 2 weeks ago now, but I wanted to have a post about what it was like to go in costume, and I figured today was better than never. You can see all the pictures of the costumes here, as well as find links to the “making of” posts for the red costume here, and the first “making of” post for the blue costume here.

Okay, so overall, going to comic con in costume was awesome. It made the whole experience so much more fun and interesting and it was a great conversation starter at booths and in lines.

look at us with that official logo
look at us with that official logo

Just for a bit of context, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is a huge convention of everything geeky where lots of people come dressed as cosplays of their favorite characters, or in random costumes. It’s a huge mess of artists, TV shows, geekiness, and really excited people. (I spent basically the whole weekend in fangirl mode.) The streets of downtown San Diego are packed (think sardine cans) with the crowds spilling out of the convention floor, cosplayers mingling with regular people. It’s basically awesome, if you have any geeky bones in your body.

My Favorite Comments on my costumes

  1. “OMG you made that?!”
  2. “Wait — how old are you?”
  3.  “Oh, I think I remember seeing you on the convention floor. Yeah, you had those wings! That was so cool!” from people outside the convention (seriously, there are thousands of people there; the idea that someone would remember my costumes out of a crowd is just plain crazy amazing)
  4. “Where’d you buy your wings?” (this one just amused me because then I got to say “I made them” which my ego really liked)
  5. “Can I take your picture?” (it’s not as creepy as it sounds: if you’re in costume/cosplay, it’s expected that you let people take your picture … and again with the happy ego)
  6. “I love that you used color in steampunk!” (I was seriously trying to get away from the monotone color scheme of browns and blacks people usually use in steampunk, so this was just great to hear)
look at all the PEOPLE (and us, look at us too)
look at all the PEOPLE (and us, look at us too)

Thoughts I Had On the Convention Floor (In Costume)

  1. “That is amazing!” (to basically everything there, not really costume related, but it needs to be here)
  2. “Ahh! The bustle’s caught on something…”
  3. “Ahh! The wings are caught on something…”
  4. “This hat is kinda heavy.”
  5. “This corset is kinda tight.”
  6. “I feel so cool right now.”
  7. “I’m a regal steampunk fairy right now and it’s totally not awkward.”
  8. (at dinner, in costume, at a fancy restaurant, when all the other cosplays seemed to have vanished) “Okay, this is a little awkward.”
  9. “This is the best thing I’ve ever done in costume.”
  10. “This might be the best thing I’ve ever done.”
  11. “I want to do it again!!!”
  12. “Maybe I’ll do an actual cosplay next year?”
  13. “This is so weird.” (to basically everything … it’s a weird place)
  14. Are [my sister’s] wings flopping over again? Gah.”
floppy wings - Steampunk Fairies at SDCC
the wings were a little floppy

Pros and Cons of the Costume Construction

Overall, the costumes fared really well and were fairly comfortable. But there were some problems, and some surprising (unplanned) successes.

  1. Pro: It’s actually pretty easy to sit in the bustle. Especially at restaurants, the fact that there are no vertical supports (allowing it to collapse in on itself when I’m sitting) and my use of Velcro as a closure were really useful. I could sit down and let the bustle sort of hang off the side of my chair and then take the bustle off so I could walk around the restaurant more easily.
  2. Con: The corset’s fit. It’s not so much that the corset fit badly, as that the corset fit like a corset. Even without any significant waist reduction, it was still pretty tight, and it was a long day. About halfway through the day, I found it bothering me more. It was never bad enough for my to loosen it, but it was a little annoying. Also, the underarms ended up really small after I took up the shoulders, so that was annoying too.
  3. Pro: Walking in the bustle. It bounces as you walk. It’s so much fun. It makes you feel like an actual fairy.
  4. Con: How I attached the wings. Attaching the wings was literally the last thing I did, which means it happened in the hour before I got in the car to go to San Diego. I used a channel and a velcro strap on my wings and just a velcro strap on my sister’s. Unfortunately, my sister’s wings spent most of the day flopped over to the side. (On the second day, I added a safety pin to the mix, which helped immensely). Before I take more pics of the costumes, I’ll hopefully figure something out.
  5. Pro: Forced bubble of personal space. Between the wings and the bustle, I had a nifty little impenetrable bubble of personal space to ward off the crazy crowds that define SDCC. As someone who is still iffy with crowds, that was nice. Of course, that was also a problem…
  6.  Con: Trying to get through crowds with said bubble of personal space. So, yeah, all those crowds made it kinda difficult for me to keep up with my sis and dad. I feel like the pro is greater than the con though, in this case. I need my bubble of personal space.
  7. Pro: everything survived. I feel like this one’s pretty self-explanatory: nothing feel apart or got torn or ruined or anything. The hats ended up the worst off (some of the glue came unstuck), but it’s nothing five minutes with a glue gun won’t fix.

Sorry again for the late SDCC posts. I promise they’ll be done soon (just have to finish up the “making of” posts for the blue fairy). I hope you found this interesting though. If you’re considering going to SDCC next year in costume/cosplay and have any questions, feel free to ask. And I’d love to hear any comments you guys have!

Thanks for reading 🙂 you guys are the best

— Samantha 🙂




9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Costuming at Comic-Con

  1. Haha I totally understanding the maneuvering difficulties with wearing wings and stuff haha when I went to wondercon (sdcc’s little brother) I wore my maleficent costume and the wings are pretty giant lol but it was also the coolest experience ever haha


  2. Your costumes are incredible! And the fabric choices are stunning. I love the comments people made about how you used color yet kept the ‘steampunk’ feel in your costume. Very cool.


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