Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook “Book” Case Take 2

Hi guys!!

I hope you’re having a fabulous Monday! I’m trying to savor it because it’s my last Monday before my Junior year of high school starts and I’m just not emotionally prepared for that at all. (Bleh.) So I hope your Monday is better than mine 🙂

Anyway, I have the promised take 2 of my knitting needle and crochet hook “book” case. This is a fairly picture-heavy post (basically me just showing off), but I’ll have the promised tutorial tomorrow or the day after so that you can make your own, if you so please.

I blogged about take 1 two weeks ago, and I mentioned a few things I wanted to improve upon when I remade it. To my utter surprise, I actually made those improvements, and they worked.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

I know. Crazy.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

But seriously, I really am happier with this version. Adding the zipper around the edge was really freaky (and I maybe messed it up a little and then went in with hand-sewing to fix it), but it resulted in such a nice finish. It makes the whole thing so much more transportable and secure.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

I used a heavy duty separating zipper from Joanns, because that was the only zipper they carried that was long enough. I covered the end of the zipper with my contrast fabric to keep it from, you know, actually separating.

I also love this case because of the fabrics. I mean, what’s better than colorful mustaches and pink polka dots? Especially with the colorful needles and hooks, right?

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

I made the same number and arrangement of pockets as my first one, though I adjusted the sizes a bit for ease of cutting and fitting. It ended up a little larger than my last one.

The main size adjustment I made was making the middle pages smaller than the outside cover so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the zipper.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

Here are pages 1 and 2.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

And here are pages 3 and 4. Page 4 is perfect for storing  your scissors and measuring tape and any other little items you might need for your knitting or crochet.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook "Book" Case

Okay, shameless plug for using the coming tutorial: because the pages are only sewn together at the edges (like page 2 to page 3 or the cover to page 1), you can stuff the pockets really full without messing up the pockets on the opposite page. That pocket might warp a little to accommodate the needles, but the page itself will pull away from the opposite page so that the opposite page is unaffected.

Like I said, I’ll have a tutorial posted tomorrow or the day after. It’s all written up and I have all the pictures, but I have editing to do. It ended up being really long and wordy, so I’m trying to shorten it.

If you have any questions or comments about the making of this case, I’d love to hear them. What do you think about the fabrics? Are you dying to make your own?

Thanks for reading

Samantha 🙂

PS: Just a reminder that I’m in the process of revamping/redecorating my blog at the moment, so it might look funky for a little while. I was planning on getting it done last week, but then procrastination happened. Lol. Also, please check out my Instagram account and like, comment, and follow 🙂

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