Summer Goals Wrap-Up


I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. Mine is okay, but definitely suffering from the fact that HIGH SCHOOL IS BACK.

Yep, I just finished my first week of my Junior year of high school. It basically feels like summer never happened and school never ended. So that’s why I haven’t sewn or posted in, like, two weeks.

At the beginning of summer, I made a lot of goals for myself (part one and two). I highly suggest reading those posts so you know what I’m talking about in this one. Now it’s time to see how I did…

1. Finish the Red Steampunk Fairy

Steampunk Fairies at the Del

Done and done!! I absolutely completed this goal and then I wore it to Comic-Con.  You can read more about the making of the costume and see all the blog posts here.

2. Another Steampunk Fairy

Yep! That happened! And I promise I’ll finish posting about the making of eventually! For now, here’s part one.

Steampunk Fairies at the Del


3. Mistcloak from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy 

Lol … nope. I haven’t even thought of this project since I wrote up my summer goals. 😦

mistborn trilogy

You should all read the books though. They are unbelievable. And then you should read everything else by Brandon Sanderson because he is a writing god and your life is incomplete without his books. And there are Mistborn spinoffs out and coming! So when you finish The Hero of Ages, there’s more.

Okay, shameless fangirling over.

4. Work on My Sketching

Guys, I actually did this, even though I know there is no evidence here to support that claim. I didn’t do as much work as I wanted to, but I really put effort in and my sketches seriously show that. I’m working on a new post about it, but for now, here’s a pic of one of them.


5. More Little Things To Sell

I honestly thought a lot about working on this goal. Those thoughts just … didn’t turn into reality. I just wasn’t in the mood to sew little pouches and purses and pencil cases and such, like the ones I made last year.

6. Learn to Knit

Guys!! I did this one! I actually did. I know how to knit now! (of course, if you followed me on Instagram, you would already know that)

knitting ig post

I now have two Pinterest boards dedicated to my new hobby, one for things that I can actually feasibly do right now and one for all the sweaters I might make when I’m 80. It’s a happy place for me.

7. Finish My Jasmine Costume

Lol … nope. There’s really not that much to say, except that this totally didn’t happen. Whoops.

I did come into possession of a pattern that could feasibly be made into Jasmine’s pants though, so that’s something, I guess.

8. Learn to Drape Patterns

…. nope ….

This post is now making me sad ….

9. Get Better

Finally, a successful one! I think I can honestly say that the costuming work I did on the steampunk fairies is the best work I’ve ever done. At the end of the day, that’s something to hang my hat on.

*insert lame stereotypical motivational quote about success of your own choosing*

10. Sew Baby Quilts

I did this … kinda. I arranged baby quilts for my grandmother to sew on the third-to-last day of summer but it counts! And I got my friends to do it with me!

baby quilts

11. Make a Printable Backpack PDF Pattern (from scratch)

I am literally 75% of the way done with this stupid thing, but haven’t worked on it since the first or second week of summer, so I can’t decide if it counts. I guess this is another 1/2 completed goal.

12. Everyday Dresses

I did this one!!!! I made my floral dress, and finally took pictures of my starry night dress. And I have two other everyday dresses in the works that I started over summer.

Floral Dress | Strings Attached

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

BTW, you all had such nice things to say about these dresses and I feel like I owe you all a huge thanks. Your comments mean so much to me 🙂 keep them coming!

Well, 7.5/12 isn’t bad! 

Though it may not seem like it, I honestly am super proud of what I did over summer. I sewed a lot, I rocked my sewing at comic-con, and, most of all, I had a great summer vacation doing it. I started an Instagram, posted here 14 times, spent time thinking about whether fashion design is a viable career path for me (still don’t have an answer for you), and remembered why I love sewing.

It’s going to be a little rocky around here for the next few weeks while I readjust to juggling school and sewing/blogging/instagramming (and I’m still working (procrastinating) on my website redesign, lol), so I hope you’ll all bear with me and enjoy the ride. (Oh and I swear the knitting needle case tutorial is coming … eventually.) This year is definitely going to be an interesting one for me personally, scholastically, and sewing-y.

If you liked this post, please check out the rest of my blog and my Instagram. I love hearing from you all, so please comment, like, and follow! You guys are the best!

Thanks, as always, for reading 🙂

Samantha 🙂

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