Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be – An Ill-Fated Skirt


So this post is about a skirt I made a month or so ago that I have very mixed feelings about and that has very strange (awful?) circumstances surrounding it. It starts with my mom, a few hours before a swing dance she likes to go to starts, saying, “The theme is Italy … I don’t know what I would wear,” and my sister saying, “Well, Sam has that Italian silk print from Mood. She could do something with that.”

Italian Silk Skirt

Well, at the time, I was sewing my floral blouse, but I agreed. I decided to make a circle skirt with the print as one panel and some other yet-to-be-decided fabric as the rest of the skirt. With the dance starting at 8 o’clock, my mom and I finally got to Joanns and back with the needed fabric at 5.

So I was a little rushed, so say the least. For the record, it did get done in three hours.

I don’t sew well when I’m rushed 😦

There were problems from the beginning. It took me the better part of 15 minutes to just figure out how I was going to cut the skirt panels, and then another 15 minutes to do the cutting. The skirt is basically 1/4 silk print, 3/4 contrast fabric.

I had chosen a sheer blue fabric as the rest of the skirt, so (of course) I needed to do French seams, which took 3-4 times as long as normal seams would have. And my machine was pulling the fabric unevenly the whole time. So basically bleh.

I did finally get the whole thing sewn up. I lined it in an off-white polyester, which seemed like a better idea in the store. It doesn’t seem to bother my sister or my mom, but the white under the blue just really doesn’t do it for me. Your thoughts?

And then the hem… I put the whole thing on Pinhead (my dressform) and free handed cutting the skirt’s hem (cuz before now it was just a square with a circle in the center). It was like 7:15 by now and I was rushing and I did it terribly.

Italian Silk Skirt

Just horribly. And then my rolled-hem foot just chewed up and spat out the hem, so not only is it totally uneven, it’s also ugly.

I’ve been assured by my mom that it doesn’t bother her, and I think most of my problems with it are just reflections of my own disgust at the corners I cut in making it, but it still bothers me. Not enough to go back and fix it, but it does bother me.

Italian Silk Skirt

Unfortunately, the skirt never made it to the freaking dance. My mom had gone to a family friend’s house for a glass of wine and catching up with visiting people before the dance, and tripped on their stairs on the way to the dance. It’s only sprained, but she obviously didn’t go the dance.

Italian Silk Skirt

Is it bad that I’m almost more disappointed that the skirt that caused me so much misery (in three short hours) didn’t even get worn to the thing I specifically made it for? I mean, I’m really sad about my mom’s ankle too, but the skirt thing really stings in a petty way.

Italian Silk Skirt

Anyway, have any of you had ill adventures in sewing recently? Do you share my dislike of the skirt, or do you love it as much as my mom does? Can you share my pain of rushing through a project only to have it fall through?

Thanks for reading, as always 🙂 I hope you’re having a great day

–Samantha 🙂

12 thoughts on “Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be – An Ill-Fated Skirt

  1. I can totally relate! Especially when making muslin pattern try-outs, I tend to work through it as quickly as possible. With horrific results.. I do think for a dance the skirt looks flattering! You don’t see any mistakes. I think you did just right as always!


  2. Oh gosh … exactly THIS is why I don’t enter the Great British Sewing Bee … all that time pressure GAH! I You can tell from the pics though that you’re mum is having lots of fun in this skirt, so I don’t think you should feel too bad! I think the panel thing is really cool too with the print! I know totally what you mean though, my feelings towards a finished garment are often directly proportional to how much went wrong in the making, irrespective of the objective view of the final product!


  3. I sew poorly when I’m rushed too! The pressure just makes me mess up. The fabric is so cool though and the drape is beautiful on the skirt. By the photos, you can see it’s made for dancing. The mistakes aren’t obvious at all!


  4. The skirt finally made it to a dance last night and it was a huge hit. It twirls so beautifully. With the assistance of a partner, I twirl more smoothly than I did for these pictures and the skirt makes a perfect, light, elegant circle. People stared. In a good way.


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