Pink Lolita Dress – Part 2

Hi guys!

It’s been a while 😦 Sorry about that. October was a crazy month for me, and blogging wasn’t really possible. I did get some sewing done on other projects, but I didn’t get enough pictures for a good post. I’ll try to get some finished pictures for you soon 🙂

Anyway, I hope your October was better than mine or, at least, less stressful. I can tell November is going to be a better month, though (mostly because I have a week off from school at the end).



Welcome to part two of making my pink Lolita dress. I last left off on this project with the bodice mostly done and big plans for the skirt stuck in my head! Well, after a month or so, those plans made it out of my head and into reality!

I had two yards left of double the width I needed, all for the skirt. I cut the remaining fabric in almost half, taking four or so inches out for the waistband, and sewed the two lengths together. And then I gathered. A lot.

Pink Lolita Dress

Seriously, you know how, when you’re gathering, there’s only so much you can gather before the fabric just stops gathering? I almost reached that point. It was awesome. So satisfying.

I made a waistband at first, but then it stretched so I took it out, regathered the whole skirt (feel my pain please) and sewed it to the bodice.

Pink Lolita Dress

look at how pretty my waistband was before I had to take it out :'(
look at how pretty my waistband was before I had to take it out 😥

Then it was petticoat time! But I have a different post about the petticoat in the works, so suffice to say that it’s huge and poofy and kinda stupid looking honestly.

petticoat twirling

Back to the bodice…

I decided to add some black lace to cover up the cut-out in the back—not because I’m uncomfortable with showing skin there, but because I wanted to continue the lace motif through the dress.

If I were going to do it right, I’d take apart the bodice and add the lace between the lining and the self fabric. I hand-stitched the lace on the inside instead (lol).

Pink Lolita Dress

I stitched it on in black thread twice over to really secure it, though I still feel like it might come out.

The bodice is closed in the back with an invisible zipper that isn’t actually as invisible as I want it to be because the bodice is a bit tight. It was my first time hand-sewing an invisible zipper, though, and I have to say that it was actually kinda nice. If the bodice weren’t so tight, it would look as well installed as it actually is (*tears*).

Pink Lolita Dress

(And it buckles … :/ … and it doesn’t match, even though I marked it like four times 😥 )

The only reason why I would consider hand-sewing another invisible zipper like this one is because my sewing machine doesn’t have a fancy invisible zipper foot, so mine don’t always turn out so well.

It’s not the best construction, but it’s what I ended up with. It makes me sad 😦 I still love everything put together though.

I’ll have finished pictures for you soon! Here’s some sneak peeks:

Pink Lolita Dress

Pink Lolita Dress

I’m thinking I might make a black lace underskirt to go over the petticoat, because I’m not sure if I like the white peeking through.

Do you like this dress or is it too crazy for you? (I’m honestly still a little on the fence.) Have you ever made a petticoat like mine before? Are you laughing at how poofy it is as much as I am? (Seriously, my family will not give me a break.)

Thanks, as always, for reading 🙂 I love you all,


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