2016 Plans


I hope you are all having an amazing last few days of January! I really debated doing one of these “2016 Plans” blog posts, because I feel like I never stick to them, but I actually have some real concrete plans already, so I thought I’d give it a whirl! And I’ve missed blogging all of January 😦 *pinky swears to myself and you guys to be a better blogger in February*

So… 2016 plans!


Last year, I blogged a couple of times about making small items to sell at a local farmer’s market/craft fair. I’m doing it again on February 7th!! This is one goal I’ve actually been really good about sewing for. I’ve made more than ten little items in the last few weeks, amid homework and crazy school, which is an embarassingly good record for me.

Look at the pretty things!

craft fair bag | Strings Attached

March, April, May

I have two main categories of projects for my early spring months: Costume College 2016 event outfits and a little mini collection for my fashion design portfolio. Why a portfolio? I’m applying for SCAD’s Rising Star summer program this year and they want a portfolio! I’m not quite sure how my summer is going to shake out, so I’m not sure if I’ll actually go to the program if I get in (my summer is 8 weeks long and its 5 weeks long and I want to really recharge before barreling head first into senior year), but I’ve promised myself I’m going to apply.

For Costume College, I’m working on finishing my Charlotte Corday 1790s recreation. I made a lot of progress on the stays in 2015, and my aunt and uncle bought me amazing fabric for the dress. Now it’s time for me to bite the bullet and actually start making muslins and whatnot. (Oh, I’m officially using JP Ryan’s Robe a L’Anglaise pattern.)

Charlotte Corday final sketch

Not gonna lie: I’m a little terrified to actually start this project. I know it’s crazy, but I’ve been planning this thing for so long and I love it so much that I’m terrified it’s all going to fall apart when I try actually sewing it.

I’m also hoping to make a mid-1860s ball gown for the CoCo gala. I’ve done a lot of research and sketching for it, but I haven’t decided on anything concrete. There are too many options!! I do know that I want to stick to the theme for the gala, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and to incorporate flowers into the embellishments.

1860s gowns flowers

Right now, I’m torn between these two dresses. I’m not wild about the color of either, but I love the layers of the green one and the relative simplicity of the lighter one. Simplicity is good for when I’ve procrastinated too much and have no time for anything really special, lol.

I have some other plans for CoCo stuff, but these two are my main projects! Mwahahaha….

For my portfolio, I really want to play with some architectural and geometric motifs. Recently, a lot of my sketches have played with traditional silhouettes with interesting seaming and geometric shapes. I posted on Instagram (@by_strings_attached) a few days ago about my plans to do a Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle-inspired dress, which I think really encompasses my aesthetic right now. (If you don’t know who Maggie Steifvater is, you need to remedy that immediately.)

raven boys dress sketch

I’ve also been coveting some fabrics from Mood Fabrics, trying to muster up the courage to spend my gift card money. I love the metallic cotton lawn especially, and this pink abstract brocade, though I’m on the fence about them together.

It’s totally unrelated to those fabrics, but also totally within my aesthetic, but I love this neoprene from Mood so much. Seriously, haven’t you always dreamed about having a dress that looks like a freaking shattered window? I’m not joking.

neoprene glass

It’s a little far fetched, but I’m also hoping to incorporate the re-imagined Jasmine bodice I made forever ago into my portfolio. I don’t know if the bodice will make it in, but I’m playing around with some sketches of a cropped-shawl collar blazer with the same tile detailing on the back and some structured pants in a similar color scheme.


Working on my portfolio also means working on my sketching. I find it really frustrating how little progress I make when I try to get better, but I think 2016 might be a good year for my drawing skills.

It’s just so much more fun to actually make the clothes than to sketch them. And I’m a whole lot better at making them, lol.

June, July, August

Honestly, these months are probably going to be mostly filled with me lying comatose on my couch trying to recover from junior year. Sad, but true.

I’m hoping that I will have been super successful on my CoCo projects by June and that I won’t have to scramble to get them done. So, June will definitely be filled with me scrambling to get them done.

love procrastinating, right?
love procrastinating, right?

If I go to SCAD’s summer program, then June and July will be filled with that and I will get back just in time to spend a week freaking out about CoCo before going. If I don’t go to SCAD’s thing, I’ll probably just procrastinate more on my CoCo projects and hang with my friends. And sleep. And make Comic Con costumes.

August is rough because I start school 1 week after CoCo, so that’s probably going to be a very unproductive month.

September, October, November, December

Honestly, these months are going to be rough, too. Between 4 AP classes, college apps, my extra-curriculars, and staying sane, sewing is probably going to take a backseat. Even though I know that sewing during the week helps me destress, it’s really hard to drag myself off the sofa and focus on anything other than school and relaxing. Gah.

If it sounds like I’m throwing myself a pity party, that’s really unintended. I mean, I chose to put all of this on my plate, and, most weeks, I can totally handle it. I don’t know how college apps are going to go, but … well. High school is hard, people.

I really want to expand my me-made wardrobe this year, so that might happen during these months. It is easier for me to get smaller projects done during school than huge costuming things. I have this naive hope of doing a week of making an outfit one day, wearing it the next, and so on. Winter break, maybe?

So that’s what my year looks like right now! Sorry this post was so long! Thanks to everyone who got to the end 🙂 you guys are the best.

I hope you’ll check out the rest of my blog and my Instagram if you liked this post! Please like, comment, share, and follow! I love hearing from all of you!

Do you have big plans for 2016? Are you going to Costume College? Do you have any advice for me for any of my projects? What’s your favorite? (Mine’s the 1860s dress, tbh.)

Thanks for reading,

Samantha 🙂


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  1. Today is Random Act of Kindness day (I didn’t know this until a few minutes ago), however this is probably more of a targeted sort of thing (sorry, I’m rambling.) Anywho, I been wanted to donate to your fabric stash for awhile. e-mail me at thejenni.girl at gmail, and we can work some details out. Jenn


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