Craft Fair Sewing! – Part 4


In the last few weeks I’ve been sewing a lot of little bags, purses, and pouches to sell at a local craft fair! I mentioned this project in my 2016 goals post, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. This is this third time I’ve sold my hand-made items locally, and I love it every time!

I didn’t take in-progress pics as I made these, but I did take pictures before I sold them all, so voila!

craft fair sewing

craft fair sewing

You’ll recognize the lining of these bags from my Blue and Peach Floral dress that I made last year! It’s such an amazingly soft cotton voile (my favorite kind of fabric) and it makes such a nice lining because of it.

craft fair sewing

craft fair sewing

I bought this geometric print and the yellow dots print from the remnants bin at my local Joanns specifically for this project, but I didn’t realize how much I love them together until I started sewing. I’m a huge fan of mixing bold prints, but I don’t get the chance to do it very often, so this was a great opportunity for me.

craft fair sewing

I kept making different shapes of bags, mostly so that I wouldn’t get totally bored. I do love being able to finish a project like this in one sitting, but I’ve been itching to get back to garment sewing. Little details like the pin-tucks on the red coin purse keep my easily bored brain occupied.

craft fair sewing

I was feeling very ambitious when I made these three nautical-themed pouches. The compasses and the “Here There Be Dragons” quote were drawn by me with my sharpie brush-tipped fabric markers (really great fabric markers for the price, in my opinion, though I haven’t tested how well they stand up in the wash).

craft fair sewing

The denim from these two used to be my very favorite pair of jeans in 9th grade. Then they died and got cut up and have been sitting in my stash for years, waiting for me to have a small enough project to use them on. I just love working with recycled denim because you can feel the wear and love in the fabric.

craft fair sewing

This pinstripe fabric is a favorite of mine and I’m soooo sad because I used all of it. I need to go back to Joanns and buy more. The pouch on the far left is covered in pin-tuck smocking that you can’t really see in the picture but which adds lovely texture and intrigue in person.

craft fair sewing

Oh these turned out so cute and were such a freaking pain to fussy cut! You know those fabrics whose patterns are made just random enough that fussy cutting one little part of the design out means you use up a quarter yard before you know it? Yeah … this is one. And some of the polka dots were a really gross color that looked like a stain, so I had to also fussy cut around them.

Bleh. Not the best made fabric, but an adorable finished product I think!

craft fair sewing

craft fair sewing

So this last little project was something I made on a total whim without really thinking it out. The embroidery design is from a doily I bought second-hand at a garage sale. I cut it out and made it into the bottom of a little, awkwardly sized, unlined boxy pouch. I honestly considered not even putting it out because it was so weird looking to me.

And then it sold first. So I guess I’m just really bad at predicting what people like. And that people really don’t care about linings as much as I think they do.

craft fair sewing

Funny story about this one too. I had skipped top-stitching on most of the bags, but I decided that I would try it on this one because the outer fabric was being really wonky.

I f-ed up the top-stitching once, tore it out, f-ed it up again and decided that I am the only person who cares about nice top-stitching. Then I was talking to a member of the local quilt guild at my booth about sewing and guess which one she picked up?

Yep. This one. And she agreed, not too unkindly, that my top-stitching was ugly. So … take from that what you will, I guess.

I really love selling my handmade stuff! I’m going to try to put the stuff that didn’t sell up on my sorely-neglected Etsy store, but no promises.

It looks like the event that I was participating in is going to happen more often and that there might be another opportunity opening up soon, so these posts might get more frequent. Unless you find them super boring, which I would kinda respect because even I get bored sewing them sometimes, lol.

Anyway, thanks for reading! You are all the best!

Also, I’m really close to 200 followers on both my blog and on my Instagram account, so I would love it if you followed me! I have some really interesting projects planned for this year, so I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Thanks for everything!


Samantha 🙂

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