1790s Quilted Rump


So I finally got back to working on my 1790s recreation of Charlotte Corday’s gown from Baudry’s painting Charlotte Corday (all the previous posts and information can be seen here). I’m still working on all the underthings that go along with the 18th century, before I can get to the actual gown. A few days ago, I took a stab at making a quilted rump to create that 1790s silhouette, and I think it came out pretty amazingly 🙂

I have to give Démodé Couture all the credit for my recreation, because I got all my information from her amazingly comprehensive post on different ways the 1790s silhouettes (and others) were created. My rump is based on a combination of #5 and #7. Seriously, go read that post if you haven’t already.

I started with a rough semi-circular shape. I cut it out four times in total, twice in bleached muslin and twice in unbleached muslin. The white muslin became the outer fabric.

quilting the rump - 18th century rump

I really liked the quilted look of #5 in the aforementioned post, so I quilted one layer of polyester batting between the each lining and outer piece in 2″ squares. I marked everything on the off-white side and left the top 2″ free of batting and quilting to keep it manageable.

Then I made 6 little pleats in the front piece at the very top, to start creating a poofy shape. I stitched the pleats down like darts

front side - 18th century rump

I made two larger pleats in the back piece, mostly because I was too lazy to sew 6 more pleats.

back piece - 18th century rump

Then I started layering batting between the two pieces. I meant to have the white showing on both sides, but accidentally put the white out on the front and the off-white out on the back.

batting - 18th century rump

I sewed around the edges, wrong sides together and batting stuffed inside, with a 3/8″ seam allowance and finished the edge with self-made binding. The top edge was finished with a longer strip of binding that also became the ties.

finished rump - 18th century rump

I really like the poofiness of it. It fits around my waist well and sticks out enough to keep the 1790s silhouette even under heavier skirts (I hope).

finished 18th century rump

It kinda looks like a really weird apron, doesn’t it?

the inside
the inside

And here it is on Pinhead.

18th century rump

And with some petticoats (petticoat post to come in a few days).

18th century rump and petticoats

This was exactly the quick project I needed to get back into the historical costuming mood! I’ll have a tutorial for the petticoats I made to go with the rump up on Wednesday. They’re pretty cool 🙂

I hope you liked this! I’d love to hear what you think and any advice you have for me going forward with this project!

Thanks for reading, as always!

Samantha 🙂

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