Decades of Change Exhibit Recap


Recently, I got to visit the Pasadena Historical Society’s Decades of Change exhibit. It was full of actual local extant garments that have been donated to the group from the 1890s, 1920s, and 1950s. And it was awesome 🙂

decades of change

I visited the Historical Society’s last exhibit, which featured antique wedding gowns from around Pasadena, and it was just as spectacular as this one. It’s really hard to express the levels of geeky fangirliness I descended into while I was here.

So I think I’m just going to start dropping pictures for you to enjoy!

The 1890s gowns had some details I haven’t seen in other extant garments before. Like some really weird sleeves and bodice details:

decades of change

And this dress that is princess-seamed and all one piece, not separates.

decades of change

And then there were my favorite sleeves ever:

decades of change

And some great bodice details…

decades of change

And then some weird sleeves
decades of change

And then this awesome red number 🙂

And this cape!

decades of change

Obviously, my favorite dresses were from the 1890s, but the 1920s and 1950s dresses were really pretty too 🙂

I mean, I have a weird love-hate relationship with the 1920s where half the time I really get where designers were coming from and half the time I absolutely hate everything about them. So … yeah. I really like the white lacey dress and the tan coat.

Oh and look at this crazy cape! (can’t remember if its 1890s or 1920s and I don’t have a full picture but the ruching is soooo pretty!

decades of change

And then there were the 1950s …

And I love the 1950s. It’s my favorite silhouette. I loooove the blue floral dress, especially the sleeve details.

decades of change

I’m thinking of trying to recreate that sleeve detail. It’s so cute.

But my favorite pieces of the whole thing were the one or two Edwardian pieces they had.

This is one of my favorite time periods ever, from the dresses to the corsets, to the horribly awesome pigeon busts. They even had a corset cover!

decades of change

I’ll leave with you with the insides of this 1890s jacket. It’s so beautiful I want to cry.

decades of change

decades of change


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked the pictures! I’ll post some more on my Instagram (@by_strings_attached) in the next few days.

If you liked this post, please like, comment, and follow! I love to hear from you! Which era was your favorite?

Always wishing you the best

Samantha 🙂


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