Hello, and welcome to Strings Attached!

I’m Samantha!

Starry Night Dress | Strings Attached

I’m a Junior in high school in sunny Southern California. I have a cat who takes part in photoshoots, a twin, a love of reading, and a pretty great GPA. If it has dark chocolate in it, I’ll probably eat it.

wasn't I adorable?
wasn’t I adorable?

I was born a super cute baby into a family of sewists. My grandmother is a kick-ass quilter from the age when it was expected that everyone sew a good portion of their wardrobe and my mom sewed costumes all through college, so sewing is basically in my genes.

me and my twin being sassy
me and my twin being sassy

I’m still iffy on the actual ages (they seem to change every time I ask my grandma), but I was about that (pic above) old when I was finally tall enough to reach the pedal of my grandmother’s Singer Featherweight. I think I was about 5. From then until I was 8, I learned all about 1/4″ seam allowances and straight seams through sewing and designing quilt tops from my totally awesome grandmother.

When I was about 8, somewhere around third grade, I made my very first dress (a medievalish blue gown) and the world of princess seams, 5/8″ seam allowances, and commercial patterns opened up in front of me. I never looked back.

Right now, I’m focusing on building my sewing skill-set and pattern-adjusting/drafting confidence through sewing costumes and clothes I could actually wear to school. My costume work shamelessly focuses on princesses (Jasmine), fairytales (Red Riding Hood) , and steampunk (Steampunk Fairies).

Where my costuming work is a reflection of my inner YA fantasy novel protagonist, my personal wardrobe sewing is more focused on making wearable but unique items that reflect my personality in the real world. I love dresses with interesting backs (Starry Night Dress), tops with retro flair (Blue Floral Top), and any chance I get to play with stripes (Striped Dress).

I like to think that my work—costuming and wardrobe—is for a confident, 21st century woman who knows she doesn’t have to let the past define her. She’s imaginative and creative, but still frank and professional. She plays with color, pattern, style, and costume elements because she knows there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop her, and she’s confident enough to rock it. She’s all about taking current trends and molding them to her personality. In short, she’s who I want to be.

For even more about how my blog got started, read my first post.

Thank you so much for your time! If you like what you now know about me, please check out my blog, like, comment, share, and follow. You guys are the best!


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