My Summer Sewing 2014

summer sewing challenge logo

This summer, I’m giving myself a personal challenge: sew and/or finish as many days a week as possible. Sometimes that will be every day in a week, sometimes it will be in my dreams. My goal is to stay motivated and prove to myself that I can stay dedicated to sewing consistently. I’ll be posting here regularly until mid-August when school starts again.


Week 1: June 5thJune 6th

Week 2: June 9thJune 10thJune 11thJune 12thJune 13th

Week 3: June 16thJune 17thJune 18th

Week 4: June 23rd-27th, June 29th

Week 5: July 7th , July 8th

Week 6: all week, July 19th

Week 7: July 20th, July 21st

Week 8: July 25th, August 2

Week 9: August 3


What do you think?

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