A Whole New Jasmine

I’d like to think my inspiration for this bodice came from both my love of Disney movies and my love of strong female protagonists. I wanted to replace Disney’s Jasmine with a stronger, more architectural one. The “scales” in the back are modeled off of ancient Chinese mountain armor. The photographer was my friend, Shanna, and I modeled.



I worked on this piece for around three months, from the very first planning to its completion, though most of the sewing occurred over a two-week span. Every scale on the back is individually made and then arranged to overlap. In total, I made over 70 scales, hand-finishing every edge. The sleeves are light blue silk and the bodice is polyester.

Jasmine Reinterpretation
Jasmine Reinterpretation


This is definitely the most detailed project I’ve made recently, and the most successful. Looking at my initial sketches and at the finished project, the realization of my idea is spot-on. I’m really proud with how it came out, especially the back. 



What do you think?

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