Craft Fair Items

I had the opportunity in February of 2015 to sell some of my handmade items at a local craft fair/farmers market. You can read more about how I got the opportunity in my first post about it. And I talked about sewing everything else in post #2 and post #3. I wrapped it all up here.

Timeline: January and February 2015

Patterns Used: inspiration from Pinterest, but, other than that, this is all my personal patterning

Fabrics: my stash … so much of my stash

My Favorite Part: I really like the cloud coin purse. The blue lace cosmetics bag is my favorite hands down. I really love them all though.

Techniques and firsts: It was my first craft fair. A lot of the things I made were first-time things for me, but I wouldn’t really consider any of them firsts. I guess it was my first wallet. Most notably, though, this was my first time sewing specifically for selling and my first time sewing so many little projects in such a small time frame. It was definitely an exercise in time and money management.

Total Cost: $30 for notions and a few fabrics. Everything else was from my stash!

silk ribbon mini wallet


crochet purse

pink flowers backpack

grey birds backpack

blue and white backpack

blue lace cosmetics bag

cloud coin purse

cloud coin purse

pin-tucked coin purse

smocking pouch



get it ... it's lined paper
get it … it’s lined paper

A few of these items are available on my etsy shop right now, by the way.

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