Gertie’s Giveaway Dress

I made this dress to enter in Butterick’s Gertie’s Grand Giveaway sewing contest. I’m absolutely in love with the results. You can read about how I made it in these posts: part one, two, three, four, five.

Timeline: January 2015

Patterns Used: Butterick 6094, no pattern for the skirt (just pleats)

Fabrics: 3 yards of red-white-blue plaid fabric (something cotton-y) handed down from my grandmother (because she’s, like, the most awesome person in the world)

My Favorite Part: um… everything? I love the pattern, I love the fabric, it fits perfectly, and it’s totally fun and cute. And it’s vintage.

Techniques and firsts: first time making my own piping (definitely happening again) and the zipper was a fist in a way (it was a total pain and I had to go to weird extremes)

I’m the model. My sister helped me with my hair, and both my sister and my grandfather took the pics.

gertie 1 gertie 3

gertie 2

gertie 4

gertie 5

gertie 6

gertie 7

gertie 9

gertie 10

gertie 11

gertie 12

gertie 13



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