Homecoming Dress

This was my Sophomore Homecoming dress! I had such a blast at the dance, and dancing in this dress was just the best. It’s so swishy and sparkly and fun 🙂

Timeline: September or October 2014

Patterns Used: I used one for the bodice but I honestly don’t remember what it was … whoops

Fabrics: a navy faux velvet (for the bodice), a blue sheer dance stretch-knit (for the skirt), a white cotton (for the bodice lining), and a black polyester (for the skirt lining)

My Favorite Part: the skirt. I love how it plays with the light. At the dance, they had lots of different colored lights on the dance floor and watching my skirt reflect them was really cool. And it’s a full circle skirt so it’s awesome to twirl in.

Techniques and firsts: I added a ribbon at the middle of my ribcage that fastens at the zipper to hold the boning in the bodice tight against my body (kinda like a waist tape on a corset). I’m not sure I like how I put it in (I sewed loops instead of sewing directly through the ribbon), but I do like the result. It’s something I plan to do again and it definitely helped keep the dress up.

I took these pictures just recently. None of them from the night of the dance came out blog-worthy. I’m the model and my sister took the pictures.

blue sparkly dress


blue sparkly dress

blue sparkly dress

blue sparkly dress

blue sparkly dress

Hope you like this dress! Please share your thoughts below, like, and follow 🙂

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