Little Red Riding Hood Cloak

Timeline: summer of 2014

Patterns Used: no pattern, but I used this tutorial

Fabrics Used: 9 yards of red poly-cotton (might be wrong about that) from Lady Fabrics

Embellishments: toggle from Joann

My favorite part: how huge it is (seriously, I can’t even walk in it because there’s so much fabric)

Techniques: this was my very first cloak

I’m the model in half these pictures and my twin is the model in the others. The pictures in the yard were taken by my friend Shanna and by my grandfather. Interspersed with those photos are pictures from Death Valley. See more pictures of the cloak in Death Valley here and bloopers of that shoot here.

little red riding hood



little red riding hood









Little Red Riding Hood


little red riding hood

little red riding hood


Red Riding Hood cloak






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